Multichannel Visual Design


Staging products and brand environments in an impressive, emotional or dynamic way is an art, one that requires a special sense of perspective and intuition for scenes and moods. Therefore, developing a distinctive visual language is what we focus on when creating images.

We at AP IMAGE work closely together with internationally renowned photo-
graphers such as P. Malamas. (Examples of his work)

Their work, which they pursue with a great deal of passion and at a high standard, encompasses practically every area of advertising photography – including fashion, industrial, product, architectural and interior photography.

Our photo design concept: We focus on what is essential and work towards 
achieving the very best results. This involves the playful creativity, practiced eye and perfect craftsmanship of our photographers, location scouts and stylists.

Our project management makes sure our photographers have plenty of leeway.
They organise, research and do scheduling. They are the directors that ensure 
that everything is perfect to a T for the picture.

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